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"Campers" Trailer - Documentary

A trailer I created for a potential documentary about a handful of kids attending a summer camp. I am responsible for all editing, and created this with minimal guidelines and instruction. I was responsible for the tone, structuring, and editing of this piece. I also created the title that appears in it.

"Katja's Abyss" Trailer - Strategy Game

A trailer I created for "Katja's Abyss", a turn based strategy game with minesweeper mechanics. I created came up with the concept and structure of the trailer, as well as handling the entire editing of it.

Misc. Edits

Metroid Legacy Intro - Super Metroid

Intro created for a Metroid series playthrough. Created the old monitor effect from scratch. 

A simple BRB screen for when I made for streaming, with my funny little little character as the focus.

Metroid Legacy - Ending Montage

A special edit I made for the end of my Metroid Legacy playthrough, representing all of the games. 

Unofficial Music Videos

Another Year

A short unofficial music video for "Another Year" by Wizards of Loneliness, created in response to some feeling I had after helping my friends, who are basically family to me, move.

Bibio - Curls (Unofficial Music Video)

Music video for the Bibio song "Curls". I am responsible only for the footage and editing.


Music video for the Radiohead song "Motion Picture Soundtrack". I am responsible only for footage and editing.

"The Fool" Short film Supercut

This is a compilation of my best shots as a director and writer for a short film called "The Fool". The film is 40 minutes in length, and was completed with a team of 5 people. I am responsible for the shots and editing. (Song: Broke for Free - Budding)

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