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Video Editing Reel

A compilation of edits made across an array of projects I've done in the last 3 to 5 years. 


"Campers" Trailer - Documentary

A trailer I created for a potential documentary about a handful of kids attending a summer camp. I am responsible for all editing, and created this with minimal guidelines and instruction. I was responsible for the tone, structuring, and editing of this piece. I also created the title that appears in it.

STEP's "Behind the Coin 106"

STEP Projects

STEP Projects

Watch Now

Collection of videos done for STEP. Behind the Coin 106 was completely done by me, editing together the video and graphics supplied to me, as well as creating graphics, effects, and animation myself. Along with this are videos where I took existing videos and reformatted them to fit viewing on phones through various apps such as Instagram and Snapchat. I adapted various types of videos to fit these various formats. 

"Katja's Abyss" Trailer - Strategy Game

A trailer I created for "Katja's Abyss", a turn based strategy game with minesweeper mechanics. I created came up with the concept and structure of the trailer, as well as handling the entire editing of it.

Misc. Edits

The Legend of Zelda Legacy Intro

A intro to a YouTube series for the new Zelda game "Tears of the Kingdom" Conceptualized and edited from scratch, animations and graphics made by myself.

The Mario Marathon 

An intro made for a YouTube series on hte first 4 classic Mario games. Conceptualized and put together entirely by myself.

Metroid Legacy Intro - Super Metroid

Intro created for a Metroid series playthrough. Created the old monitor effect from scratch. 

Prestream Card

A simple prestream card. 

A "Be Right Back" Card 

A simple BRB screen for when I made for streaming, with my funny little character as the focus.

Unofficial Music Videos

Another Year

A short unofficial music video for "Another Year" by Wizards of Loneliness, created in response to some feeling I had after helping my friends, who are basically family to me, move.

Bibio - Curls (Unofficial Music Video)

Music video for the Bibio song "Curls". I am responsible only for the footage and editing.


Music video for the Radiohead song "Motion Picture Soundtrack". I am responsible only for footage and editing.

"The Fool" Short film Supercut

This is a compilation of my best shots as a director and writer for a short film called "The Fool". The film is 40 minutes in length, and was completed with a team of 5 people. I am responsible for the shots and editing. (Song: Broke for Free - Budding)

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